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At Viking we are dedicated to developing a long-term plan for your brand and product mix to effectively market your business. By identifying the most effective and affordable promotional channels we are able to create a unique marketing strategy. At Viking we are dedicated to developing a long-term plan for your brand and product mix to effectively market your business.

We create sites that display a strong brand image, convey advantages to consumers, and create a desire to purchase. Get a Quote

The difficult we do immediately,
the impossible takes a little longer.

Our Four Stage Process

01. Research

We create an exclusive strategy based on the market research we conduct.

02. Content Development

We create and publish materials through several channels of communication.

03. Promotion

We strive to promote content to the largest amount of the target audience as possible

04. Analytics

We monitor the data produced from different marketing efforts to continually improve by using data points to support decisions.

Key Factors to Adopting
a Marketing Strategy

Entering into a new market.

Unaware of key digital advancements.

Reaching a plateau; desired growth.

The result is an increase in the effectiveness of Marketing Investments - ROMI.

Research and

We collect all pertinent data based on competition, consumers, and market environment in order to develop a strategy that best serves your business.


We study the key players in the market that offer similar products and focus on opportunities and trends to best serve the marketing strategy.


We help segment the market into several target audiences, and study effective strategies in each niche. This allows for us to maintain a healthy strategy across several target groups.


We conduct an internal audit of your company to help discover opportunities for the marketing strategy to effectively showcase the brand and its products.

Strengths of your

of competitors

Base for positioned

Audience needs


Based on our research we are able to identify the niches within the overall market. This helps us effectively market your brand and its products based on its positioning in the minds of consumers. We are then able to focus on the benefits of the product that serve these audiences.

Competitors Position

We help determine the position of the competitor’s brand in the minds of consumers. We analyze their marketing tactics, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their strategies.

Target Audience

We focus on the target audience’s needs which aids in the product selection criteria. We then study the effectiveness of different marketing channels to help better communicate your brand’s benefits to potential customers.


By understanding where you and your competition position yourselves in the mind of consumers, we can determine effective perception of the brand. This allows for an effective marketing strategy that focuses on ways to solidify the brand’s positioning and capitalize off it.

Result: the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, your business; segments of the target audience. The concept of positioning has been developed.

System Design

We help develop a comprehensive marketing system that is designed to maximize efficiency by creating synergy between different strategic marketing tools.

Research and Positioning

By conducting research and understanding positioning, we are able to create an effective promotional strategy.


Developing a place where consumers can clearly find information about the benefits of the brand and its products.


Development of visual branding, naming, and styling to match characteristics of the brand


By utilizing Yandex and Google, we are able to create unique advertising campaigns to boost brand awareness

Content Marketing

Utilizing both social media and email marketing to generate content unique to the brand.

Sales Marketing

Constantly using data to track the sales performance which allows for more accurate marketing decisions.

The result, a detailed description of the marketing strategy of promotion for 2 years.

Digital Strategy

KPI Staging

For each communication channel, we determine the performance indicators for 2 years. We rely on the capabilities of your business, market capacity and the activity of competitors.

Budget Allocation

We calculate the advertising budgets that are necessary to achieve the KPI established by the marketing strategy. When allocating budgets, we take into account the influence of channels on each other - the effect of synergy.

ROMI Calculation

Based on the margin data of your product, we calculate the planned profit from marketing. Based on the costs and profits from marketing, we calculate ROMI, also known as Return on Marketing Investment. We consider the minimum allowable ROMI - 100%.

Content Marketing

“Content marketing is the only marketing that we have left” - Seth Godin

Content Marketing Affects Brands and Sales

Content marketing starts a conversation with consumers in a unique way that creates the right kind of attention for a brand. The use of original content to promote brands and products is becoming more affective using social media and its influencers. At Viking we believe that content marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix we help create for brands. It communicates the benefits of the brand and its products in a way people can relate to.

Audience Attraction

Content marketing tools are channels in which your brand communicates with the audience, and ways to promote content.

Media Marketing


With millions of users across several platforms, social media creates immense opportunity to inform people about a brand. Paired with intuitive advertising tools the power of social media has become as powerful as using primetime television to promote a brand or product.


Social media content ranges from personal to professional and has an unlimited amount of potential. From videos, photos, graphics, to live broadcasts, social media is a powerful tool used to help boost brand awareness and get the attention of the people.


Social media creates a conversation with those who use each individual platform and allows for a unique interaction with brands. Comments, shares, reposts, and likes are some ways people can interact with content and allows people to express themselves in a way that traditional marketing media doesn’t.

Email Marketing

A way to influence people who have already interacted with your brand.

Intuitive Tactics

Tools that allow a company to target consumers that have previously interacted with the brand and its products. These automated tactics assist with converting purchases based on the consumer’s interaction with the company’s site and its products.

Constant Reminders

Manual marketing emails designed to increase interest in the company. These emails are made to influence the purchase behavior of consumers who show interest in the brand.

Sales Benefits

By creating unique messages in a consistent manor this will allow for consumers to constantly be reminded of the benefits the brand has to offer. This dialogue will increase sales performance


A media source that thoroughly details various aspects of the business and its involvement in the market. The Blog shares information to influence customers to learn more about the brand and its products.

Social Media Synergy

Content that is in sync with other media platforms such as social media creates multiple ways that consumers can connect with the brand. Thus creating more opportunity for consumers to make a purchase

Freedom of Format

Grab the attention of the audience in multiple ways by generating various types of content. Tests, games, videos, pictures, etc.

SEO Benefits

By strengthening the blog and its postings with strong SEO scoring, search engines will then rank these links higher in search rankings. Increased ranking can mean increased site traffic and increased sales.

Simple Strategies
for Complex Products

We create content strategies for all different types of scenarios


Analysis of the brand, competitors, audience and product.

Content Plan

A roadmap to producing content based on the products and channels being used to communicate them.

Media Plan

Financial overview of budget, profitability, and KPI as they relate to the marketing plan and content being produced.


Using elements of the corporate identity and brand voice to create a structure fit for various channels utilized to market the product(s).


Company and Competitors

We analyze the content marketing of the company and competitors. We select effective channels and publication formats.


We look at what CA is interested in. We segment the audience by socio-demographic characteristics.


We know the pains of the audience regarding the product. We highlight its strengths and weaknesses. We determine what we will talk about.

Content Development


We communicate with you and find out in detail about your area of activity. Based on this, we think through topics and make quality posts and articles.

Photo and Video Production

Present your product with photos and videos. Due to this, we make content that is remembered and enhances the impression of the brand.


Add keywords to articles, process photos, adjust posts according to your edits.



We increase coverage through social networks: we make banners, hidden advertising posts. Bottom line: increased conversions of people to the site directly from social networks and through other formats.

Email Marketing

We increase the coverage of materials from the blog and talk about promotions through the newsletter. We attract subscribers to the site, blog and social networks..

External Sites

We adapt the released content to other media. We make links to publications on external sites or communities on social networks.


Calculation of Indicators

We count the number of associated conversions - how many people went to the site immediately or after some time after visiting social networks. We look how often the brand was searched in search engines.

Change Content Plan

Every month we analyze the effectiveness of different topics and categories. We leave the ones that the audience likes and brings transitions to the site. Testing new ones.

Smart Reports

We make reports in Power BI. They are automatically updated and show the effectiveness of each of the content marketing channels. You just need a link to the report to always have the latest data at hand.

The Cost of Developing a Marketing Strategy

from $5,495

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