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We aid in developing a brand’s name and voice. We incorporate an identity that the target audience can relate to and make it easy to remember. This can help form associative images that the make for an unforgettable encounter.

We create sites that create a strong brand image, convey advantages and create a desire to buy. Get a Quote

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Understanding the Process

the Process

Define the goal

We conduct research to better understand the direction of the brand. This helps us understand the path we take to reach the desired goal, and also how we communicate those elements to the audience.


We study various elements related to the company: the products, competitors, audience, and the type of experience most beneficial to those elements. This aids in finding the ideal channels of communication to utilize.

Product naming

We generate multiple possible candidates for the names of the brand and its corresponding offerings. After comparing all possibilities we then decide what fits best. We then select a domain and slogan that are most cohesive to the name set chosen.

Corporate Identity

We develop the brand identity through its name and expression. We then are able to create a logo that matches those values and is unique to the brand. This helps us create guidelines of how to communicate the brand, its identity, and what it has to offer.

Our approach

A brand should be appealing to its target audience
by standing out amongst other leading brands


We help create visuals and verbiage that quickly help to uniquely identify the brand.


We help communicate product benefits and add value through a high level of performance and execution


We use various communication channels and media outlets to help scale the brand without losing out on unity, style, or meaning.

Design system

We retain brand recognition at every touch point: the website, social media, ads, physical media, and carriers of the brand.


We strive for ease of perception through elimination of unnecessary elements that may be distracting to the core message of the brand.


We create brand designs based on the positioning of brands and their goals. We create creative solutions by following a roadmap designed by the research we conducted.


We study the business, its audience, competitors, and successful
design solutions that are present in the industry of each brand


We thoroughly analyze the positioning of the company, its strengths, and use those to highlight the benefits of the brand

Target Audience

We define audience segments and what unites them. We fix the most important points of contact with your company for the target audience.


We study competing brands and their behaviors. We note their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that may help in creating successful tactics to counter their activity and bring focus to our client’s brand.


We identify and analyze the effectiveness of domestic and foreign practices in any given industry. This allows us to follow market trends and capitalize on market activity.

Result: we determine the direction of the future style and the most important communication channels.


Our way of creating a unique name for a brand.

This process helps create a name and slogan that portrays the brand and reflects the values and direction of the business.

Sergio Harashyn

Head of Branding

Brand Name Creation

We analyze multiple possibilities and with your help choose one that best fits the brand and its values. We also carry out a patent check to ensure its uniqueness.


We help brands register their new brand name as a trademark to solidify the company’s stake in that name.

Unique Tagline

We generate a slogan that compliments the brand name and enhances the business as well as its direction. This step helps create a long-lasting effect that allows consumers to remember the brand better

Logo and
corporate identity

We develop the brand identity through it's name and expression.


The mood board is the first step in designing a logo and creating an identity for the brand.

Using a selection of images, colors, other elements to convey a mood or set of emotions that invoke the heart of the brand. This helps set the tone during the creation process and sets us on the right track to create something unique.

The result of the mood board is what helps create direction and boundaries during the creative process.


The logo is the center piece to any brand and helps consumers and partners differentiate your brand from others.

During this process we narrow it down to three possible candidates, and together we decided which concept will best fit the brand.

Together we decide on one of the concepts and move forward with that logo design.

Corporate Identity Elements

We develop the brand identity through its name and expression. The logo matches those values and is unique to the brand. This helps us create guidelines of how to communicate the brand, its identity, and what it has to offer.



Branding / ReBranding

The conclusion to developing these elements is a set of clearly defined directions by way of the logo and the brand’s identity. These directions help instruct us and our clients on how to represent the brand, and what is most effective when communicating these elements to consumers.

  • Name, domain name and slogan.
  • Logo and standards for its application.
  • Corporate colors, fonts and additional style elements.

Instructions for placing items correctly
on physical media and in online communication channels.

Design templates for social networks and advertising banners.

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