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We create sites that create a strong brand image, convey advantages and create a desire to buy. Get a Quote

The difficult we do immediately,
the impossible takes a little longer.

Integrated eCommerce

We became established in 1998 by building custom modules for clients whose online stores were on the Miva Platform. In 2001 we formed a development team that started independently building Online stores/websites based on the Miva eCommerce Platform. Fast forward to the present, and Viking Coders is the leading development company with multiple offices in US that specialize in:

  • Responsive Miva Design
  • Development from Miva Ready Themes to fully custom enterprise-level design
  • Third party integrations
  • Module development, installation and configuration
  • Store Maintenance and updates
Fully Customizable UX
Multiple Stores
Mobile Friendly Design
Third Party Integrations
SEO Friendly
Security PCI/PDA Complaint
Fast Page Load
Multiple Payment Gateway




  • Company
  • Competitors
  • Audience
  • Goals


  • Structure
  • Wireframes and Mock-ups
  • Generating keywords
  • Timeline
  • Budget


  • Prototype
  • User Experience
  • Content
  • Review


  • Coding
  • Software installation
  • Plugins installation
  • Site performance


  • Testing and Reviewing
  • Approval
  • Launch



  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • Troubleshooting



We study the company’s product offerings to discover the company’s strengths. Furthermore, we strategize to help make those strengths appealing to clientele.


We analyze other companies in the same industry to help further identify the niche. We focus on what those companies have in common in order to discover essential tactics within the industry.

The Target Audience

We define target audience and it's segments to better understand what elements will assist with success. We then study the needs, interests, motives, and barriers involved in marketing to these groups of consumers.

As a result of the study, we understand how you can take
a leading position in the minds of consumers.

As a result of the study, we understand how you can take a leading position in the minds of consumers.


First of all, we think about making the site understandable and delivering the necessary information. To do this, on the prototype, we think throught the user's path and its interaction with the content.


We develop simple site navigation and select landing pages to promote the main products of the company.


We tell a story on each page to do the following: catch the audience’s attention, show key benefits, and cause a want or need to purchase the products offered.

Wireframes and Mock-ups

Editing a prototype is different from adjusting a finished site. The prototype stage is utilized to finalize the content, structure, and logic of the site. We do this exclusively with the client to ensure all elements are 100% accurate to the customers desires.

Generating Keywords

We prepare the semantic core and adapt the content so that the site is ready for promotion immediately after launch.


We make the site appealing to the audience and
memorizing, consolidating the brand image.


We are creating a basic set of elements to clearly demonstrate how our project will look in the future.

User Experience

The user experience includes multiple elements beneficial to the end user and their experience while using the site. These elements include: practical, experimental, valuable, and meaningful aspects of human-computer interaction and what it can do for product ownership.

We facilitated the connection between European Factories and the US Markets


We create high-quality content with detailed elements to maximize customer attention.


When the design work is over, we need to get the approval of the layouts by the client in order to continue working further.

We Connected
European Factories
to the US Market



We will help bring your ideas to life using clear and simple code to help make things clear to you, and to the end user.

Software Installation

We will connect all the necessary modules to ensure success. We also have the capability to create other important elements in order to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Site Performance

We will set what we believe to be optimal ranges to get the most out of each process included while reducing transaction time. This will help maximize the sites effectiveness and navigation elements.



Testing and Reviewing

We promise to test and review all elements of the site until we believe that it is in its ideal state and is ready for launch.


Every step is determined by the client. Each version of the product is made available to our clients in order for them to understand progress, and for them to help us create exactly what they envisioned.


In this phase we transfer each component of the final project to the working server. Once it is launched onto the live server it can begin to generate profit for our clients.



Regular Updates

We can assist with any new ideas or additives our clients might have in mind to help maximize profit from each action. We want to help keep your site updated and optimized in order to continue maximizing profit.


We are here around the clock to help support you and your site. Contact us by visiting our Contact Page or by calling support service at (800) 578-5003. We will help answer any questions or concerns you might have.


We are here to find solutions to any and all issues that arise. We will help find a solution. Remember our motto “The difficult we can do, the impossible takes a little longer”.

What Our Clients Say

* according to our analytics 85% of new customers come from a friend's recommendation.

The new site has received very positive reviews from customers who praise its ease of use as well as portability. The customer particularly appreciated the professionalism and willingness of Viking Coders to listen.

The customer particularly appreciated the professionalism and willingness of Viking Coders to listen.

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Compared to the previous version, the new site has much higher functionality, resulting in more user engagement and more offers.

Viking Coders has a results-oriented team dedicated to delivering results. They are attentive and open to all inquiries.

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The site is more responsive, loads in 2.5 seconds instead of 18, and conversion rates have increased both on mobile and on the web.

Viking Coders support multiple channels of communication and operate at any time. Their team is talented, professional, and hardworking.

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Our Story


Introduction to


Viking Coders is Born


Partnership with eMediasales


Acquisition of eMedia/CBSTech


Viking Expand into Europe


Vikings Expand into S.America


Top Rated Miva Partner


Our Projects Solve a Number of Business Problems

ITMODS - is an eCommerce web design and development agency dedicated to helping clients achieve their dreams on the web. We are an end-to-end consulting group and our list of services range from building small websites to a fully customized eCommerce storefront.

We also specialize in Web Application development and there is no project too small or too large for us to handle. We are an international team of professionals with experience ranging between 10 to 20 years. We look forward to working with you!

Fully Responsive

Web Design optimized for all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

System Integrations

We provide complete system integration with third-party software, online payment systems and plugins on various platforms.


Web Design optimized for all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Client Support

Your success is our business! All of our work comes with 90 days of free support. We assist clients via email 24/7 and have a dedicated line in the event of an emergency.