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What is the MMUI/OpenUI?

In your Merchant admin, click on Stores > Your Store, and the Layout tab. This will show you the user interface (UI) module you are using. The default UI is the MMUI, or Miva Merchant Look and Feel. This is a file that controls the basic look and feel of your store. The OpenUI is an alternate UI that is functionally equivalent to the MMUI, but gives developers the ability to "hook" into the UI, adding store features, making cosmetic changes, etc.

While we don't sell the OpenUI directly however we do carry a guide to Miva Merchant that includes a free copy of the OpenUI. As it happens, this combination works out considerably cheaper than buying the OpenUI directly elsewhere. You also do not need to wait for the book to be delivered--we can email you a copy of the OpenUI and the license key soon after your purchase. The book is listed here. Note that this only comes with a compiled version of the OpenUI (version 4.14-4.24).

Many of our modules will work with either UI, but some require the OpenUI. If using MMUI, depending on the module, you may need to make some code changes to your Many modules will work with either UI without having to make any code changes. Typically shipping, payment, import, and export modules work independently of the UI you are using.
How do I check for a module upgrade?

At the top of the admin interface for most of our modules there is a hyperlinked version number or a "check for update" link. Click the link to check for an upgrade. If an upgrade is available you will be given a download link and a revision history.
I'm trying to enter a license key and get an error that the key is already in use.

Our store licenses may only be used in one store. If you uninstall a module from a store, that license can then be used again. If you need to transfer a module to another store, you'll need to uninstall it from the old store first, or purchase an additional license.
How do I install a module?

If you are new to installing modules you might want to read this overview from Miva Corp. Typically installing a module is just a matter of 1) installing it in your mall (modules > add module), and 2) enabling it in your store. Import/Export modules don't require the second step. Some modules may require additional steps, be sure to follow the installation instructions that came with your module.
Some modules say they require 3.9 or higher of the Miva engine. How can I tell what version of the engine my host is using?

When you first login to the Merchant admin look at the top left of the right frame. It should list the version of Merchant and the version of the Miva engine installed. Most all hosts are using 3.93 or higher. If your host is using an older version, it would be a good idea for them to upgrade. Older versions are slower and have known security issues. The newer engine is compatible with older versions of Miva Merchant.
Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, we offer 10% discounts for orders totaling $200-300; 15% discounts for orders between $300 and $400; and 20% off all orders over $400. (Applies to Viking Coders modules only.) For higher volume discounts, please contact us.
I'm moving to new server or host. Is there anything I need to do before moving?

If you are copying over the entire store, including all the data and script files, then all your modules should continue to work fine. If you are starting your new store from scratch, you will need to uninstall any modules from the old store before the licenses will work in the new store, or purchase a new store license if you want to keep your old store running.
How do I edit my MMUI?

The MMUI, or Miva Merchant Look and Feel, is the most commonly used user interface module that comes with Merchant. Unfortunately, it does not provide a means for 3rd party modules to alter the look and feel of a store without actually making code changes to the MMUI module itself (this is the primary benefit of the OpenUI). If you prefer to use the MMUI, you will often have to make edits to the in order to use 3rd party modules. The method is essentially the same with any module.
  1. Locate your The will be in the ui/ directory of the active modules/ directory. For versions of Merchant prior to 4.x, there is only one modules/ui/ directory (typically in /Merchant2/modules/ui/). With 4.0 and higher, the modules/ directory will be in a subdirectory corresponding to the version of Merchant installed. For example, if using Merchant 4.13, the will normally be found in /Merchant2/4.13/modules/ui/.
  2. Make a backup of your before editing it! We recommend always leaving a backup on the server before making new changes, named by the current date, i.e.
  3. Open your MMUI in a plain text editor. Don't attempt to edit your in a WYSIWYG html editor such as FrontPage or Dreamweaver, as they may corrupt the file. Use a plain text editor such as notepad or wordpad for Windows, or BBEdit for Macs. A couple popular more advanced editors for Windows include EditPlus and NoteTab Pro. MvTools is a free Miva Script editor for Windows.
  4. Edit the per the instructions provided with the module, and upload it back to your server. It's recommended to rename the file prior to uploading it, then rename it back once on the server, so as not to cause problems with the store while the file is being transferred.

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