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The only Miva Script book currently available. Covers all the basics and is a recommended read.

Miva-related Sites

The Open Directory has the most complete list of sites relating to Miva.

Mr Moon's Mivatest tests Miva-enabled servers for speed.

MivaHelp: Ahmed's informative site with tips and tricks for Miva Merchant.

The MvList Archive is an enhanced archive of posts to all the Miva lists, as of 12/05/01. It allows you to search multiple lists at once to quickly find answers to Miva-related questions.

Miva Merchant and Search Engines is a free monthly newsletter focused on helping you market your online store.

Miva Script Tools
Syntax and Auto-Complete Files for EditPlus.

Web-related Resources

DirectNIC has $15 domain name registration (cheaper for bulk) and a clean, simple-to-use interface

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