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UPS Online Tools® Custom Integration



Compatibility: mmui/ouiWhat's this?

Version: 4.14+, 5What's this?

NOTE: As of May 25, 2012, all NEW purchases of Viking Coders products will be sold as a Viking "Everything" Subscription.

Please purchase HERE:

Custom Integration of UPS Online Tools®

This is NOT sold as a downloadable module, but rather a service. We install a custom module into your store that provides an interface to access the UPS Rates & Service Selection so that your customers can enjoy the pleasures of real-time UPS shipping rate calculation. The integration requires that you register as an end-user and obtain an access key (easily done). We will then integrate the tools into your site using your UPS user id and access key. Once you have placed your order, we will send you information on the form you need to fill out on UPS's site and we will perform the custom integration for you. The process is normally completed the same business day. We will perform the installation for you and you will be able to access the settings as if it were a standard MIVA Merchant shipping module.

    The features offered by the interface are almost identical to those of the Original UPS Advanced module. Unlike the current version of that module, this interface handles international shipping, surcharges for rural areas, and even shipping FROM international addresses (but then I guess it wouldn't be "international" to you).

    The interface offers options such as such as calculation of "oversize" and "dimensional" weights (you can specify the dimensions of the package), declared value insurance, and hazmat. In addition, it lets you configure products to be shipping independently in their own box (or multiple quantity per box) and from their own zip code. Individual products can be flagged to have free shipping, products being shipping in their own box can be specified to have free shipping on a per-method basis (eg. free UPS ground for product x), and individual methods can be configured to be free (eg. free UPS ground). You also have the option of configuring the module on a "category" level so that all products within that category will ship using the option set for the category.

    Individual methods can be discounted (eg. UPS Ground 25% off). Individual methods can also have specific handling charges assigned to them. The merchant can specify the maximum weight to put into individual shipping boxes as well as specify a weight for the shipping package itself. The module uses a sophisticated algorithm to pack the boxes to the maximum weight while maintaining the lowest number of boxes. The methods seen by the customer in the drop down shipping selection list can be sorted either ascending or descending (or not at all).

    Included with the module is an import module so that you can configure products en masse and even import your settings from the defunct UPS Advanced module.

The module's documentation is available here (PDF, 542kb).

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Customer Reviews (10 total) Add Your Review

Absolutely Awesome! 03/04/2008 - by R & R Web Design LLC from MI US
We have been looking for years for a way to to accurately charge UPS shipping for our client's MIVA shopping cart. We were extremely frustrated with the previous UPS shipping solutions. All of our research pointed to Viking Coders as "the solutions". Michael Brock answered all of our questions quickly and in a comprehensive manner. Viking Coders UPS Online Tools® Custom Integration is absolutely awesome and worth every cent! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
<a href="">R & R Web Design Michigan</a>
Great Price for So Many Options 10/08/2007 - by Paul from New York
If you are shipping your products UPS then this module is the one you need for your Miva Store. You can customize everything that you need down to the smallest detail.

I was a little skeptical at first because we did not know much about how it worked but when we saw what it did how easy it was to set up, we were elated we went in this direction.

Now we are not loosing money to shipping on every order that comes through but can specify how each product needs to be shipped.

If you ship UPS, you should get this module for your store
Best Money Spent on a Module! 12/23/2005 - by Christine Rozon from Dorchester, Ontario CA
We are a Canadian store; this means big problems when it came to finding a shipping method that was accurate, worked properly and didn't screw us over or the customers. Most of the shipping modules in Miva are inaccurate or can't be used if you have a Postal code. We tried everything! This was easy to set up and the installation was quick and professional!

Once I had the UPS account (aprox 24 hours) the rest took less than a day. It was fast!

The price makes this module a steal! I look forward to seeing what other modules become available for Miva 5!
Viking coders saved my village! 12/15/2005 - by James Bennett from Norco, CA US
The UPS Tools Custom Integration has been a fantastic addition to our store. Viking Coders took a break from their busy schedule of burning and pillaging shorebound villages, to install our UPS tools. After only an hour or so they hefted their axes and were back on their boats. Our little store will never be the same.... In a good way.
Totally Accurate, WORTH EVERY PENNY 03/24/2005 - by Eli Boone from Galesburg, IL US
Between our 3 websites we have lost thousands of dollars in the last year because of the inaccurate, unreliable rates tables that Miva provides. This 'service' returns shipping rates that are dead on.

I just wish we would have invested in this a year ago. Highly recommended to all who use UPS real time shipping rates.
Accurate and easy to use 01/06/2005 - by Kevin Williams from Grants Pass, OR US
I had a client that was upset about the inaccuracy of the UPS rates the stock Miva cart was giving. Every order was off just a bit, and I heard about it. I had Viking install this UPS upgrade and I haven't heard from the client in months - except to thank me for fixing the UPS rates.

I use this on every store I build and I now have one less thing to worry about. These guys get the job done quickly, and it adds a bunch of enhancements and options for every product.

This should be a standard module you use in your store or your clients stores.
has worked great 10/21/2004 - by Tom Owen from Emeryville, CA US
we were desperate for a ups module that allowed discounts, was fast, and worked 100% of the time. this is it. if you use UPS and Miva and need any level of control or options, this is it. SHAME on miva for being so lame and offering such a worthless ups interface.
You Got to get this Upgrade. 06/11/2004 - by Jason Frey from Indianapolis, IN US
I have been searching for years to find a good way to calculate shipping online. It has always been impossible to make Miva understand which items are shipped per item, plus dimensional weight problems with air packages. So you find yourself adding extra weight on products to compensate. The end result is you go too high on some orders, lose on others. Plus customers order 4 products at 70 pounds, over 150lbs UPS won't give you shipping rate so your customer either leaves or calls and that costs you money.

Now Viking has solved the problem. This upgrade is the most amazing shipping module I have ever seen. You configure each product exactly how you need it. The odds of it not having the option you need is very slim.

If you do any kind of volume business on the web with miva, you MUST get this upgrade. For 150 dollars it's a steal. To be honest, I would pay 1000 dollars for this module, probably more.

Buy it, these guys deserve the money for it and then some.
The Ultimate UPS Shipping Calculator 05/09/2004 - by Gary Mong from Hagerstown, MD US
This is the ultimate calculator for UPS shipping. It is accurate to the penny and provides all the functions you could possibly want. I was losing hundreds of dollars per month as the result of inaccurate shipping calculations. This modules paid for itself in no time.
Michael Brock did a great job on this one as he does on every module he develops. Keep up the great work.
Why didn't Miva think of this? 05/05/2004 - by Jim Fann from Virginia Beach, VA US
Frustrated with Miva's outdated and inaccurate UPS shipping tables, we decided to go ahead and purchase this modification, and we're very glad we did. If you're unfamiliar with programming and in need of a Miva UPS shipping solution that is both quick (it only took about an hour for the programmer, Michael Brock, to implement this modification to our store), easy to use and dead-on accurate, this is the way to go!

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