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Ultra Batch Report / Order Browser

Quantity in Basket:none


Price: $59.95

Compatibility: MMUI/OUIWhat's this?

Version: 4.14 and aboveWhat's this?


Note: This product has been designated END OF LIFE for all versions prior to Miva Merchant 5. Unless the Miva Merchant Version selection above shows Merchant 5, you are probably purchasing the wrong product. While we still permit the purchase of licenses for legacy stores, no support can be provided for this product.


Feature List

  • Advanced batch administration interface
  • Multiple report looks: classical, double line, single line, summary
  • Allows to search and filter patterns in any field of the order database
  • Orders may be filtered (out and in) according to the total amount - expressions and ranges may be used
  • Using the Search/Filter you can display and print out also individual invoices
  • Sorting by any column - e.g. by date or day time, first name, last name, e-mail, city, product, total amount,...
  • Page breaks for printing each order on a separate page included
  • Exports and sends batch reports to the store owner by e-mail - in multiple file formats (currently HTML, formatted text, delimited text and Excel)
  • Printing customizable Packing Slips (pick slips, gift certificates) in cooperation with the MmPSLP plugin module.
  • In cooperation with the MmHTML and/or MmHTMLc modules, you can display and print also batches of formated Merchant and Customer invoices with custom headers and footers (may include logos, texts, etc.)
  • In cooperation with the MmHTML and/or MmHTMLc modules, invoices may be greatly customized - including columns selection, colors and fonts, attributes format, thumbnails and long descriptions
  • Numerous options for different ways of displaying product attributes (with MmHTML)
  • Ordered products within each invoice may be sorted by any column (with MmHTML)
  • Additional user-defined column may be inserted in the invoice (any position) (with MmHTML). Miva variables, functions or file calls may be used to generate values for the additional column. It may contain for example a download link, price in a second currency, tracking info, etc.
  • Instant Access - Ultra Batch control header appears in the Admin front page. No neccessity to click long minutes through the left navigation menu.
  • Orders processing and deleting on multiple selected orders or whole batches with a single click!
  • Recovery (undeleting) deleted orders possible!
  • Resetting processed orders (un-processing) and processing them again possible!
  • Packing the store data from within the Ultra Batch interface!
  • Displays the date and time of the orders
  • Optionally displays all orders in the store
  • Optionally displays also deleted orders
  • Displays totals and basic statistics per batch and overall
  • Hides the Credit Card number if Admin not accessed on a Secure Server (disclosure prevention)
  • In cooperation with the MmPGP module it send batches including the CC numbers by secure PGP encrypted e-mail
  • Supports POP before SMTP - requirements at some secured mailservers (with MmHTML)
  • NEW: displaying additional fields of external modules, such as Weiland's Addendum or SB21 OrderXtra
  • NEW: (Re)sends Customer Confirmation Email (possibly including a status field in a user defined column) (with MmHTMLc)
  • NEW: Timeout prevention - long batches split automatically onto multiple pages to avoid timeouts.
  • NEW: Mall support - quick store selection for administrators of malls with multiple stores. Mall packing.
  • NEW: sequential filter - in addition to the search/hide filter mode, there is now a from mode - displaying all orders after the first matching one, using the selected order sorting.
  • NEW: delete all - ability to delete all batches in once
  • NEW: displaying of user defined column, available also for sorting and search/hide filter
  • NEW: displaying of un-batched orders, and batching them
  • NEW: PAYMENT DATA REMOVAL! You can now keep all orders and batches in your Admin, and removing just the CC information to keep your store secure.
  • NEW: moving orders from one batch to another (e.g. grouping of orders for monthly charging - subscriptions)
  • NEW: closing batches - hiding them from the standard view (re-opening possible too)
  • Available in English and German localization (same file)

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