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Currency Magic

Quantity in Basket:none


Price: $90.00

Compatibility: MMUI/OUI What's this?

Version: 4.0-4.13, 4.14-4.2x What's this?

Merchant Version
4.13 and lower (uncompiled)
4.14 and higher (compiled)
Install Options
No Installation
Please install for me (+$40)

Note: This product has been designated END OF LIFE for all versions prior to Miva Merchant 5. Unless the Miva Merchant Version selection above shows Merchant 5, you are probably purchasing the wrong product. While we still permit the purchase of licenses for legacy stores, no support can be provided for this product.


Curren¢y Magic allows your store to display prices in multiple currencies. Customers to your site can simply pick the desired currency from a menu, and your entire Miva store will instantly start displaying all prices in that form!
  • Exchange rates can be entered manually, or retrieved automatically from an on-line server.

  • You can configure the module to retrieve exchange rates from many different servers. Upon installation, the module is preset to use The documentation includes settings for several other public currency-converter sites, and explains how to create your own settings for other servers.

  • Flexible formatting includes international punctuation selectable for each currency, and customized display of negative numbers.

  • Advanced HTML and CSS formatting can be used, with plain text provided for emails and other unformatted displays.

  • Supports OpenTokens for easy installation in all template systems.

  • Compatible with all user interfaces (MMUI, OpenUI, templates).

Currency Magic is available for both compiled and uncompiled Miva Merchant. It does not require OpenUI, but it can use OpenUI tokens if they are available in your store. It is also compatible with the template systems from Copernicus and Viking Coders. If your store does not have any of these features (uses the standard Miva MMUI), you can still use Currency Magic.

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Customer Reviews (1 total) Add Your Review

DAZZLINGLY EFFECTIVE YET SIMPLE! 11/12/2006 - by Jean Edwards from NELSON, NN NZ
This has to be a 5-star module for Miva 5! Easy to install, yet dazzling in the effects it has on your website. ..allow customers from any country to choose their OWN currency for shopping. This little beauty of a mod then shows all individual products in the new currency, then calculates totals using updated currency exchange rates, and displays shipping, basket display, costs etc ALL IN THEIR OWN CURRENCY.The whiz who wrote this deserves a medal!!

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