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Search Manager

Quantity in Basket:none


Price: $69.95

Compatibility: OUIWhat's this?

Version: 3.x 4.xWhat's this?

Install Options
No Installation
Merchant Version
4.13 and lower (uncompiled)
4.14 - 4.24 (compiled)

Note: This product has been designated END OF LIFE for all versions prior to Miva Merchant 5. Unless the Miva Merchant Version selection above shows Merchant 5, you are probably purchasing the wrong product. While we still permit the purchase of licenses for legacy stores, no support can be provided for this product.


Search Manager

This module provides your store with a more configurable and robust search page. It permits you to offer your customer the option to search categories and attributes and to limit their search to particular fields in the Products database. Searches can be made case sensitive, restricted to searching only the entire phrase, and made to use either AND or OR. In addition, the module provides for the separate configuration of keywords for your products and those keywords can be included in the search. The module supports the Viking Coder's Additional Product Fields module and you can provide your customers with the ability to search the fields that you have configured for your products. All of the configurable options, including the particular fields to search on, can selectively be made default options and hidden from your customers. In this way you can restrict the search to only those fields you want your customers to search in.

The module comes with two distinct admin interfaces. One provides for the simple configuration of a default layout for the search page and display of results. For those familiar with HTML and looking for a specific layout, there is a template based configuration option which provides for complete token and template based control over the layout of the search page and results listing. Support is also provided for Third Party modules in the same manner as my Category Page Templates and Product Page Templates modules.

A sampling of the module's features:
  • Can be configured to replace the standard Merchant Search link and will use the same search button. So you can have the standard search link instead point to the Search Manager search page
  • The search page can be linked to from a static link with a link of the form:
  • Customers can search the categories for their search terms and the results are displayed above the product results (in the standard display format; they can go anywhere you want with the template formatting).
  • Customers can restrict the search to find only the entire phrase they entered by surrounding the search terms in double quotes. Eg. "Clown nose" will find only those products which contain the exact phrase "Clown nose"
  • Keywords can be saved for each product and category and those can be used to search in. To search the keywords for the products is an option for the products. The keywords are searched automatically for the categories. In both cases a tab is added to the individual category and product screens so that the keywords can be added.
  • You can redirect customers who add products from the results listing either back to the search page or to the basket.
  • All of the buttons (eg. "search", "add to basket", "previous", etc.) are configurable w/ images and alternate text.
  • When using the Template formatting option, you can use tokens to add drop down select lists with terms your customers might want to search for. They can then search for those with a simple selection from the list.
  • When using the Template formatting option, you can provide the customer with the option to sort the displayed results ascending or descending by product name, product code, or product id.
  • When using the Template formatting option, you can use multiple search fields to prompt your customer to search for multiple terms. For example, you could provide a field for "title" and a field for "author" to prompt our customer to narrow their search

  • The module's documentation can be read here

    Note: This module requires ver. 3.9x or higher of the Miva Engine.

    Customer Reviews (1 total) Add Your Review

    Money Maker 05/05/2005 - by C P Peele from Laurinburg, NC US
    This product works well with the ELM 2 Store Statistics. Customers use many keywords for searches which may not provide results. After checking my daily searches with ELM 2 Store Statistics, I then add the new keywords to the respective product or category, which without a doubt will increase sales. Great Product!

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