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Other Page Templates

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Price: $54.95

Compatibility: OUIWhat's this?

Version: 4.xWhat's this?

Install Options
No Installation
Merchant Version
4.13 and lower (uncompiled)
4.14 - 4.24 (compiled)

Note: This product has been designated END OF LIFE for all versions prior to Miva Merchant 5. Unless the Miva Merchant Version selection above shows Merchant 5, you are probably purchasing the wrong product. While we still permit the purchase of licenses for legacy stores, no support can be provided for this product.


Other Page Templates

Provides tokens and templates formatting for some of the "other" pages of Merchant. You can create templates and assign them to some of the pages of Merchant. Currently the module supports template assignments for:

Screen Code* Commonly called
BASK Basket page
PLST Product list
LOGN Customer login
MISSATTR Missing attributes
ACNT Customer account
OINF Order informaton
OSEL Order selection
OPAY Order payment
INVC Invoice
your screen Your own custom screens

*The Screen code is what you see in the URL as you move around a Miva Merchant store. It is shown as part of the "Screen=" statement. Essentially the module covers all the screens in your store not covered by our other template modules.

The module also comes pre-configured with a "non Merchant" page, Special Items. An "interface" page at which your customers can order products which are not in your database by entering the price, code, weight, etc. After the items are added to the basket, the customer is taken through your checkout in the normal manner. This is useful for accepting auction payments from eBay or for the sale of other "one time" items.

The category and product pages are still best handled by the Category Page Templates and Product Page Templates module, the storefront by the Storefront Template Module, and the search page by the Search Manager)

The templates are created and modified exactly like the templates in the other template modules. However since they are assigned to screens rather than products or categories, that part is a bit different.

The way Merchant works is that most of the pages are assigned "identifiers" which Merchant uses to determine what page is to be generated. For example, if the variable Screen is set to BASK, Merchant knows that it needs to display the basket screen. The module intercepts that process to use templates to display the screen instead of Merchant's default screen. This is done by assigning templates to the identifier. The module comes pre-configured with a number of different templates which you can assign to the screens of Merchant. For example, the "Basket Page" template can be assigned to the "BASK" screen to display the basket screen using that template.

NOTE REGARDING COMPATIBILITY: This module has the same compatibility issues with other modules as the original template modules. This module totally replaces the portion of the OpenUI (or MMUI if you are using it) that displays the pages it intercepts and is not compatible with any other module which needs to hook into that page unless the developer of that module has specifically made their module compatible. And given that this module is so new, very few modules are completely compatible with it. This module provides for an easy-to-use manner for developers to provide tokens that can be used to insert their module's HTML into the pages. And these tokens can be registered in the module's admin interface.

This module is compatible with the OpenUI right out of the box. However, for it to be compatible with the MMUI requires a minor modification to the MMUI file (ie. This is only an option if you are using Merchant 4.13 and below; if you are using 4.14 or above, the OpenUI is required.

The documentation is available here.

Buy it With Our Template Series and Save!

This module is available as a part of a package deal. See the Easy Design and Designer's Dream bundles for more details.

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Customer Reviews (2 total) Add Your Review

Outstanding 06/09/2005 - by Drew Hendrix - Red River Paper from Dallas, TX US
Greatness. This mod transforms the Miva checkout process from something that looks very generic to a slick progression that is integrated with the look of your store. Doing this makes your store look more professional and helps customer's feel more at home with giving you their money!
Great Module 02/10/2005 - by Brian Roberts from Halifax, NS CA
This is a great module. The ability to have full control over these pages makes layout and design a snap. And Viking Coders is an excellent company. This is my fourth module (they do become addictive!) and the quality and support will keep me coming back! You will not go wrong with this module or this company.

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