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USPS Advanced 5 BETA release

August 1, 2007 on 1:06 pm | In Design and Development, General News, Module Releases/New Features | No Comments

USPS Advanced 5 is finally ready for a beta release. Grab it now and help us work out any kinks. (Hey, it’s 7000+ lines of code and has all the complex functionality of our FedEx and UPS modules so there are bound to be some issues!)

We will have the documentation available for this next week (August 6 +)


We’re going to Rails Conf, May 16-21.

May 8, 2007 on 11:22 am | In General News, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

We’re heading out of town from May 16 and should be back online on the 21st or 22nd. We’re attending Rails Conf in Portland, OR. If you haven’t heard of Rails before, you’ll find a good introduction at the Ruby on Rails site. Basically, it’s a slick web development framework. We hope to use it with some Miva Merchant related projects in the not-too-distant future.


Welcome to the Viking Log

April 19, 2007 on 5:35 pm | In General News, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

We’re activating this blog as a means to let you know what we’re busily hammering away at in our workshop. Sometimes we get a little too absorbed in that and forget to let you in on the secrets. But those days are no more! We’ve got a lot of modules under development–both new and upgrades for Merchant 5–and we have some major projects scheduled.

For starters, here’s a list of our current schedule for Merchant 5 upgrades:

  • Soft Goods 5 - currently under development, will do away with the need for the php bridging script needed for the earlier version
  • Affiliate Manager 5
  • ELM Statistics 5
  • USPS Advanced 5

The order is somewhat fluid–sponsorship and/or high demand tends to drive a module up the list.

We are also seriously considering a template system for Merchant 5 and would like you feedback on this. Our initial focus will be on current users of our Merchant 4 template modules, allowing them to get the same look in Merchant 5. But let us know–Are you satisfied with Merchant 5’s inbuilt templating system?

In case you missed it, Phone Order Manager 5 was recently released, joining our stable of popular upgrades from Miva Merchant 4. USPS Advanced soon followed, rounding out high-level shipping modules for the most commonly used shipping calculators. We’ll have a 5.x version out later in the year.


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