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A New Years update for Inventory Manager 5.x

January 6, 2009 on 5:36 pm | In Design and Development, Module Releases/New Features |

I have done a poor job of posting here since we put up the blog.  It always seemed like such a time and energy consuming great hill to write up something worth reading.     That hasn’t changed but we do need to do a better job of “getting out the word” on the goings-on at VikingCodes.  So I have decided to drop the “worth reading” criteria and will be going with shorter, more frequent posts with the main goal of keeping you informed.

On that note, I have just completed a modification to the Inventory Manager for 5.x that permits the tokens intended for use with the VC Attribute Template module to be used in the “Product Attribute Template”  area of the page templates in Merchant 5.x.  With this change the VC Attribute Template module is no longer necessary for adding inventory information to your attributes and controlling attribute option dispalys based on inventory status.   The use of component tokens as discussed in the  Inventory Manager 5.x documentation applies to  the token use in the  “Product Attribute Template” area as well.   You’ll find more information in the documentation and a brief FAQ on the matter.



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