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Software Update Subscriptions

August 1, 2011 on 7:32 pm | In General News | Comments Off

All Viking Coders modules come with 30 days free installation support and 30 days free software updates. In order to stay current with your Viking Coders modules, you must be on a valid / current SUS plan. Software update subscriptions are a great way to keep your store up to date with all of the latest features and bug fixes from Viking Coders. If you did not purchase a SUS subscription or none was available at the time of your license purchase, you can instate your SUS by clicking “Check for Updates” within your Viking Module.

Note: One subscription is required for each module in your store.

Yearly SUS plans are billed monthly automatically to your credit card, and entitle you to all software updates of the module for a specific version of Miva Merchant in one store. SUS plans are tied to the module license key and renew automatically. Licenses and SUS plans are not transferable, may not be shared and may not be canceled before the initial 1 year term.

If your module was purchased more than 3 months ago, additional one-time fees apply to get up to the most current version. The SUS fee schedule is:

1. License less than 3 months old: $5/month ongoing
2. Licenses 3 months to 1 year old: $50 one time + $5/month ongoing
3. Licenses 1 to 2 years old: $75 one time + $5/month ongoing
4. Licenses 2 to 3 years old: $100 one time + $5/month ongoing
5. Licenses 3+ years old: $125 one time + $5/month ongoing

We understand that in some cases for modules that cost less than $125 that were purchased 3 or 4 years ago, that it might be less expensive to simply purchase a new license to get the latest version. This is just fine, however we don’t provide support for removing or changing license keys within existing modules.


Miva Merchant 4 End of Life - 12/31/2011

August 1, 2011 on 7:22 pm | In General News | Comments Off

Important Note: Viking Coders no longer provides general support for any Miva Merchant 4 modules. While we may continue to publish some updates for our v4 compiled series of shipping modules including FedEx, USPS and UPS Custom Integrations, all Miva Merchant 4 modules in our store were considered End of Life on 12/31/2010 per our support policy update published October 2010 (

Miva Merchant 4 EOL is officially 12/31/2011, though we were originally told it would be December 2010:

No refunds or exchanges will be provided for MM4 modules; these products are provided as-is for legacy stores, and we do not recommend any further purchases of legacy modules.


MODULE UPDATES: Viking Coupon Module

August 26, 2010 on 8:41 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

Hello Viking Coder Fans!

In an effort to provide our users with quality Miva Merchant modules, we’ve discovered and fixed a bug in our Coupon Module. For everyone using the module the update can be found in our store or by using the update link in the module configuration. We thank you all for your continual support.


Features + a Firefox plugin = a handy inventory check

November 13, 2009 on 11:14 am | In Design and Development, Module Releases/New Features | No Comments

I recently came across a nice little Firefox plugin called Alertbox that can be used to monitor changes in web pages. The Miva Merchant store I was working on needed needed a way to monitor inventory on a range of products. (Their inventory is updated automatically every 15 minutes from a remote server but this technique could also be used to monitor in-house inventory.) After installing Alertbox, I set up a simple template in our Features module  that displayed the product name, product code and inventory level for the products to be monitored. The products are pulled from a list in Features–it is quick and easy to add or remove products from the list. That template was assigned to a new page, which could then be accessed in a browser allowing Alertbox to go to work. It checks the page every few minutes and alerts you with a sound and unobtrusive icon when the inventory level changes.  As my art teacher used to say, “Simple, but effective.”


Maintenance Update for USPS Advanced 5

August 11, 2009 on 5:06 pm | In Module Releases/New Features | No Comments

A few fixes were added to USPS Advanced 5 over the past couple of months but some did not make it into the version available on the server. We have made all of these available now as version 5.025.


Pulse Update…A Purge in Time

August 10, 2009 on 4:51 pm | In Issues/bug fixes, Module Releases/New Features | No Comments

This feature is a little late and something of an oversight in our development, so our apologies on that. The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley. We’ve added a Purge option to the Live Stats table that will clear out the table manually. Future releases will automate this and will also store some information that is worth keeping (e.g. Referers) in a separate table for long term reporting.


Action codes for Miva Merchant

February 24, 2009 on 10:49 am | In Design and Development, Ecommerce | 1 Comment

A Pulse user, trying to track down an issue they were having with customers creating accounts, asked us for a list of that Actions they were seeing in their logs. Here is a list of them and a brief explanation of what they refer to:

ALGI    affiliate login
UAFL    update affiliate’s information
IAFL    insert affiliate
AFPW  email forgotten affiliate password
LOGN    customer login
EMPW  email forgotten customer account password
UCST    udpate customer information (on account page)
ICST    insert customer (on account page)
ADPR    add product to basket
AUPR    add upsale product to basket
AUPM    add multiple upsale products to basket
QNTY    update quantity of product in basket
RPRD    remove product from basket
ORDR  add/udpate customer information (during checkout)
CTAX  calculate tax
SHIP  calculate shipping/generate shipping list
AUTH    authorize payment


Speed Matters!

February 4, 2009 on 10:11 pm | In Design and Development | No Comments

Google VP Marissa Mayer just spoke at the Web 2.0 Conference and offered tidbits on what Google has learned about speed, the user experience, and user satisfaction…Half a second delay caused a 20% drop in traffic. Half a second delay killed user satisfaction.

More at Geeking with Greg.


How to get things done with Twitter

January 28, 2009 on 1:25 pm | In Design and Development | No Comments

Zen Habits is one of my favorite sites and I generally check every tweet. Here’s a great article on using Twitter for increased productivity.


The $300 Million Button

January 27, 2009 on 11:08 am | In Design and Development, Ecommerce | 1 Comment

Hmm, time to take a look at your checkout process? As my brother said when forwarding me the link, this reminded him of Merchant:

It’s hard to imagine a form that could be simpler: two fields, two buttons, and one link. Yet, it turns out this form was preventing customers from purchasing products from a major e-commerce site, to the tune of $300,000,000 a year. What was even worse: the designers of the site had no clue there was even a problem.

The form was simple. The fields were Email Address and Password. The buttons were Login and Register. The link was Forgot Password. It was the login form for the site. It’s a form users encounter all the time. How could they have problems with it?…

The $300 Million Button


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