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What is the "Referral Discount" and "Signing Bonus Discount"?

What is the "Referral Discount" and "Signing Bonus Discount"? (2003/07/28)

The "Referral Discount> lets you configure a discount (percentage of subtotal, flat amount per order, or per product) that is given to any customer that arrives at your store via a referral (or subsequently enters a referral if you have it configured to collect it at checkout). The discount is assessed at checkout as a "coupon" and can be configured as a global default, and/or on a affiliate basis.

In the affiliate's "admin", there is a section for "Referral Discount" where you can chose how much of a discount to offer that affiliate's referred customers. Setting it at 0 gives no referral discount. At checkout, the discount will be entered as a "coupon" into the customer's basket. The name of the "coupon" can be set with the "text for discount" field. The "discount for product" option means the "discount" is paid for every product in the basket (i.e. # of products x discount). If the discount is set as "discount as a percentage" it is determined as a percentage of the subtotal (not including tax and shipping). On the individual affiliate screens, you can select to "use the default" instead. If that option is selected, the settings on the main "Options" tab (identical those described above) will be used instead.

The "Signing Bonus" is a one-time discount that can be given to new affiliates (eg. "Sign up to become an affiliate and receive 10% off your first purchase"). This too can be a percentage, flat rate, or a "per product" amount and is configured in the same manner as the "referral discount" as described above.

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