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How do we get multi tier payout this is very important that if level 1 sign ups a level 2 affiliate they get credit for the orders that the level 2 has.

That is how the module currently works. The columns in the payout configuration refer to this situation (where + represents a referral, either when an affiliate refers another affiliate, or directly refers a customer to the store):

nth level
3rd level
2nd level
customer making the purchase

When a sale occurs, it looks up the affiliate that referred the customer that placed the order (the primary affiliate) for that order, determines the "primary", aka "first level" payment to be used (either the affiliate's specific setting on it's page in admin or the default) and credits that affiliate that amount. It then checks to see if the primary affiliate was referred by anyone. If they were, it looks at the configuration for the referring affiliate (2nd level) to determine the "level 2" payout configured for them (and again, it may be configured to use the default). It gives the "2nd level" credit accordingly then checks to see if that affiliate was referred. If they were ("3rd level), it looks up that affiliate's configuration to find out how much they are configured to receive as the "3rd" affilate. Etc.

In other words, the "primary" column in the "Payout options" for each individual affiliate is used when that affiliate is the "primary" affiliate. The "2nd" column is used when the affiliate is the "2nd level" affiliate, the "3rd" column is used when the affiliate is the "3rd level" affiliate, etc.

Last update: 2007-12-31 11:03
Author: Thor
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