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Is it possible to specify a redirection url in the referral url itself?

You can specify a url with the variable &RU=url. So to redirect a particular affiliate's referrals to a specific url you could do something of the form:


If you want to add some further arguments to the url you're redirecting to you'll need to encode the "special characters" in the url to keep them from getting interpreted incorrectly.   For example, the url:


 will almost certainly not work.  The &Product_Count in the redirect url will get lopped off.  So you'll have to encode that ampersand by replacing it with %26 to become



While replacing the ampersands with %26 will usually suffice you could replace all of the special URL characters:

  Dollar ("$")                             %24
 Ampersand ("&")                      %26
 Plus ("+")                                %2B
 Comma (",")                            %2C
 Forward slash/Virgule ("/")         %2F
 Colon (":")                               %3A
 Semi-colon (";")                       %3B
 Equals ("=")                             %3D
 Question mark ("?")                  %3F
 'At' symbol ("@")                      %40

the full URL would then become:


Note that if the RU= is added to the url, the customer will be redirect to that url even if the affiliate has a specific "redirect to" url configured for it in the module's admin.



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