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I would like to configure the module so that some affliate's have their retention broken, but only by some other particular affiliates. I.e. I have several affiliates which belong to the same organization, I would like to configure the module so that if a customer comes from any of those affiliates, they become associated with them (instead of just staying associated with the first who's link they use).

(2003/11/30)I have added this an option for each affiliate. On the individual affilate configuration screens there is a field, "Retention switched for affiliates: (code1|code2|code3|etc.)". If you would like the individual affiliate's retention to be broken by some other affiliates, then enter the affiliate codes of those affiliates into the field (separated by |s). For example, if you want your affiliate's associations to be broken and switched to affiliates Bob, Doug, and Brown, then you would enter Bob|Doug|Brown| into this field.

NOTE that if you have just 1 affliate code in the field, you need to use the | at the end (i.e. if you have only Bob, in the field, then enter Bob|).

Last update: 2004-12-09 11:44
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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