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I would like to display the affiliate information, such as the code, in the merchant notification email.

2003/12/04)If the Merchant notification email module that you're using can use OpenUI tokens (such as the OpenUI's own Merchant Notification Email module), then you can accomplish this by registering the Affiliate Manager with the OpenUI. Go to your store's admin to the "OpenUI Tokens" tab. Click on the yellow "new" icon on the right side. In the "Module code" field enter BROK_AFFILIATES. In the "token" field enter BROK_AFFILIATES (you can actually enter something different here but for the sake of avoiding conflicts with other modules, the code works), then click on "update". You'll see the module listed there with a link under "token codes". Clicking that will bring up a window with the module's instructions for token usage.

To display the affiliate code in the email, you would use the token:


where "token" can be any of the tokens normally used in the Affiliate Manager (without the leading and trailing %). So to dispaly the affiliate code you would use:


Last update: 2004-12-09 11:38
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