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Is it possible to associate the affiliate with the customer's account, rather than a cookie on their computer? If they delete their cookie I'd like some way to still have them associated with the affiliate.

(2004/11/02)There is an option on the module's "options" tab for "Associate with Customer id?". If this option is selected, the affiliate will be associated with the customer's id in addition to their cookie. Of course for this association to take place the customer has to be logged in, but they do not need to be logged in when first visiting the store. If they visit via the affiliate referral link, then log into or create a customer account in your store, their customer id will become associated with the affiliate. If they later delete the cookie from their pc and return to your store and log in, the module will recognize the customer id and reassociate them with the affiliate.

There is a second option right below the "Associate with Customer id?" option, "permanent" (ignore retention period). If this option is checked off, customers who are linked to the affiliate via their customer id will not have that association broken when teh retention period (or number of orders) is expired. If you later decide that you want to "clean up" those permanent associations, unchedk the "permanent" option and pack the store's databases. This will remove all associations that would have normally expired if the "permanent" setting wasn't on.

Last update: 2004-12-09 11:24
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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