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Collecting An Affiliate's Tax ID

Can I collect the affiliate's tax ID?

This feature was added in versions 4.45c (compiled) and 4.44 (not compiled). This version adds four additional fields to the Affiliate's database record. You can collect this data from the affiliate sign up form and add/modify it to the affiliate's record within admin. By default, these fields are Field1, Field2, Field3, and Field4. Fields 1 and 2 are limited to 100 characters. Field 3 is limited to 254 characters and Field 4 is a type "memo" which has no definite limit. You can change the label used to dispaly these data fields in admin at the top of the "Affiliate Default" section on the "Options" tab.

You can add them to our "new affiliate sign up" page by adding the corresponding tokens to the "main page" area of the 'New Affiliate Sign Up' tab. The basic tokens are:

%field1|xx|% (where xx is the size of the text field)
%field4|xx|yy|% (this will display a textarea xx columns by yy rows)

To make the fields required (i.e. if the new affiliate leaves them blank the page will not be accepted and an error message displayed) use these tokens instead:


In addition, I have added tokens to make the other fields required:


The error message which is displayed if any of these fields is missing can be configured on the "New Affiliate Sign Up" page in admin. There is a field for "Error message for 'missing fields'".

In your case, to collect the Tax ID, you would upgrade the module then go to the "Options" tab and change the label for Field1 to "Tax ID" (or whatever). Then you would add the token to the "main page" area to display the field to collect the tax id. To make it required (and 40 characters wide) you would use the token %reqfield1|40|%. To not make it required you would use the token %field1|40|%.

Last update: 2003-07-30 00:49
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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