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I pay my affiliates with gift certificates from your Gift Certificate Manager module. I would like to give my affiliates the ability to view the certificates that they received for payment is this possible?


(You can find the Gift Certificate Manager module here ).

 Yes, as of version 4.33c, the Affiliate Manager  - Affiliate Login, module will display an extra tab "Certificates" in it's admin if the Gift Certificate Manager is installed.  On that tab, you can configure the html used for the main certificates page (in the "Certificates page template") as well as the template used to list the certificates (in the "Certificates Listing template").

You can add a link to this new page by adding the token:


to your main page template (in the "Main page template" field on the "Main Page" tab).  The button image (if any) and alt text (which will be used in lieu of the image to create the link if no image is configured) can be set at the bottom of the "Main" tab.

In my store I added an additional cell to the table which displays the buttons so that it looked like:

<table align="center">

In the "Certificates Listing template" you can use the following tokens to dispaly the key's information:

%key%               the certificate's key
%expire%           the certificate's expiration date
%balance%         the certificate's balance
%start%              the "start date" (aka "issue date" if that wasn't changed in admin) of the certificate

%certlink%          displays the url to "view the link", used like: <a href="%certlink%">View Certificate</a>
%for%                the recipient's name
%foremail%         the recipient's email addresss

All of the tokens available for the main page are currently in the "Certificates page template" field but if you have any additional tokens you'd like to see available there let me know.

Last update: 2008-05-29 10:42
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.2

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