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I would like to use the %begin_if|expression|% token to dispaly something if the product has a value in a field stored in the Additional Fields Manager (http://vikingcoders.com/go.mv?ID=DEN_PRODFIELDS). How can I go about it?

(2003/10/28)I think I worked out a way:

The Additional Product Fields Manager's token (once registered on the "third party tokens" tab) to display a field is of the form:

%module|DEN_PROFIELDS|field|% (assuming that it is registerd with the token DEN_PRODFIELDS)

The following code will detect if the field has any content and display it's contents if it does:

it has something in it

The %module1 token is processed first so the %begin_if token will function correctly.

Last update: 2004-12-07 14:05
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