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I'd like to display my attribute options with their own "add to basket" button. Something like: product1 color1 color2 attribute2 color1 color2 Is this possible?

(2004/01/08)Yes! There are tokens in the module that will let you add that "add to basket" button. There is a caveat though. The attributes have to be "radio" type attributes and you cannot have any other attributes for the product.

Here's how to go about it.

In the "main template" area, near the top, put the token %noform%. This token will suppress the addition of any forms to the page (other than the ones added by the tokens specific to the "add to basket" button for the attribute). You will also need to remove the %beginform% and %endform% tokens if you added any to the template.

On the "Attributes" tab, in the "Radio Option template", remove the %fields% token and add the token %attraddbutton% token where you want to display the "add to basket" button. By default the button will add a quantity of 1 to the basket. If you want to add more than 1, add the token %hiddenqty|xxx|% (where xxx is the quantity to add) to the "radio option template".

In my test template, the "Radio option template" field looked like this:

<TR><TD VALIGN = "top"><br /> %prompt%<br /> </TD><br /> <br /> <TD VALIGN = "top"><br /> %hiddenqty|002|%<br /> %attraddbutton%<br /> </TD></TR>

Last update: 2004-12-07 13:55
Author: Support
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