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I'm running into problems in that some of my tokens are not being processed correctly. For example, I'm trying to do this: %begin_if|%module|modcode:position%|% ... %end_if%but it just generates errors or the %module simply shows up on the page. What could be wrong?

(2004/02/19)One common cause for this sort of error is the "order" in which tokens are processed. For example, in the instance above, the %module|modcode:position|% token is processed AFTER the %begin_if|expression|%...%end_if%. So when the %begin_if|expression|% token attempts to evaluate the expression it runs into trouble in that the expression is simply a token.

In order to work around this I have upgraded the module to "standardize" the order in which tokens are processed:

1. %module1|..|% (%module1|..|% tokens are processed exactly like %module|...|% tokens except they are processed before all other tokens)
2. %OUI1% (If you put the %OUI1% at the beginning of the field instead of %OUI%, the OpenUI tokens will be processed at this point)
3. this module's tokens
4. %module|..|% (the usual %module|..|% token)
5. %OUI% (the usual %OUI%) token)

If you are experiencing issues that you think might be attributed to the order of processsing, adjust your template to "order" the processing. For example, in the above instance changing %module|modcode:position|% to %module1|modcode:position|% will force the % module token to be evaluated first. Similarly, if you want the OpenUI tokens to be processed before any other tokens (except the %module1 tokens% instead of using %OUI% at the beginning of the template field use %OUI1%.

Last update: 2004-12-07 13:24
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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