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Methods no longer being offered after a change by the USPS

After the recent USPS rate change some methods are no longer being offered to customers

The USPS has the very odd, and seemingly arbitrary, practice of frequently changing the names of their shipping methods. This wouldn't be too troublesome if they provided some other way for the module to recognize the names when they return rates but they have not. If they change a method name the module will be unable to retrieve and display the method.

For example, in a recent rate change the USPS changed the names:

Priority Mail International Regular Flat-Rate Boxes
Priority Mail Regular Flat-Rate Boxes


Priority Mail International Regular/Medium Flat-Rate Boxes
Priority Mail Regular/Medium Flat-Rate Boxes

When the USPS makes these changes, and we hear about them as they do not inform us, we will update the module to account for the changes. However, if you have the latest version of the module installed you can correct for this, and future, name changes yourself.

On the module's admin page scroll down to the bottom of the page, check the "Show Advanced Options" box, and click on "Update". When the page reloads again scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll now see another checkbox "Check for changed names". Check that box and again click on "Update". The next time the page relaods, again at the very bottom, you'll see a list of methods which have names that are not currently recognized by USPS (i.e. names which have changed) and next to that a select list with names recognized by USPS but which are not currently in use by the module. This will include any new names for old methods. Select a name from the list to "rename" the old method (e.g. in this case select "Priority Mail Regular/Medium Flat-Rate Boxes" from the drop-down list next to the old method name "Priority Mail Regular Flat-Rate Boxes") and click on "update". That will rename the method and the module will again be able to offer it to the customer.

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Last update: 2009-05-13 09:30
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