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Adding attributes (like height and width) to the images

Our thumbnail image is a bit big for the page we are going to be displaying the random products and random products from a certain category on. How can we code in a fixed height and width into the template window for these?

To be able to set a fixed height and width for the thumbnail you'll need to replace the token:


with the html/code to display the same thing, using other %random tokens for the product specific data. For example:

<A href="%session_url%Screen=PROD&Store_Code=%store_code%&Product_Code=%random|code|xx|%"><img src="%random|prodfield:thumbnail|xx|%" height="100" width="100"></a>

(where you'll need to replace the xx with the identifier for the randomly selected product whos thumbnail you want to display)

The same logic applies with the other thumbnail and image tokens. The "field" prodfield:thumbnail will give you the path to the thumbnail and prodfield:image will give you the image path.

Last update: 2008-10-08 17:32
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.0

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