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What does the "Associate by zip code?" option do?

This option lets you associate your affilates to your customers by the customer's shipping zip code just as though that affiliate had referred the customer to the store.

On the module's main "Options" tab you'll find the option "Associate by zip code?"  When this option is enabled you'll also find an additional field for each of the affiliates on their respective page in the module's admin.

There you'll find a text area labeled "Associate with zip codes:".  There is where you specify what shippng codes will be associated with that particular affiliate.  The format to be used is:  zip1,zip2,zip3, etc.  You can also specify ranges by separating two zip codes with a dash, such as:   12345-12350.  Similarly, you can use the wild card * for any but the first digit to represent a range of zip codes (and i fact if you use the wild card it will be replaced by the associated range). So using the wildcard as:  22*  will represent the range 22000-22999.  An example listing of zip codes might look like:

 12345, 12347, 12349-12600, 127*

Note that you will not be permitted to assign the same zip code to more than one affiliate.

As soon as the customer's shipping zip code is saved by Merchant the association will be take effect and it will be retained according to the same retention rules as any other association (eg. "retention period", being broken by other affiliations, etc.).


Last update: 2009-02-24 17:34
Author: Michael Brock
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