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I'm trying to use some of the filter examples from the 4.x version of the documentation but it always results in errors. Why?

The problem here is lack of 5.x specific documentation. the 4.x filtering approach won't work in the 5.x version of the module.

In 4.x, all stores used dbase databases. In 5.x it's a mix of dbase and MySQL but the language used to communicate with the databases, regardless of the type, uses a MySQL format and it is this format that the filters have to use in the 5.x version of the module.

For example, a 4.x filter might have looked like:

(%prodid% EQ '001')

The 5.x/MySQL version would be:

(%prodid% = '001')

Similarly, the 4.x filter:

('01' CIN %prodcode%)

can be approximated with:

(%prodcode% LIKE '%01')

The Miva version of MySQL doesn't support all MySQL operators (or even most) It does however support the string comparison operators including LIKE (but don't be suprised if not all of them work; there is no specific documentation available to developers as to what is and is not supported). You can find the MySQL documentation for these operators here:


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