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I have the module configured to add the key to the name of the product. Why isn't it appearing in my notification emails?

First, check to see if the key is being added to the product name in the order record. If it is, you should see it there on the Invoice screen as well as in the order details for the order (under >Order Processing).

If it is being added to the product name, but not appearing in the emails, the reason has to do with the order in which Merchant 5.x is handling the fulfillment modules.    The Gift Certificate Manager actually adds the key to the name of the product in the orders database when Merchant processes the fulfillment modules.  However, Merchant sends the notification emails before it lets the Gift Certificate Manager make the change. So at the time the email is sent the key is not a part of the product name.  The order in which this is handled depends on the order the modules were installed into the Merchant mall.

Unfortunately, the only work-around that I can think of involves uninstalling the email notification emails from the Merchant mall and re-installing them.  This will change the order in which Merchant does things and the Gift Certificate Manager will then add the key to the name beore the email is sent.

Here's how to go about it:

There are two different email notification modules that come stock with Merchant:

Email Merchant Notification
Customer Order Confirmation Email

you need only uninstall/reinstall the module that you want the key to appear in.  I'll describe the process for the "Email Merchant Notification"

1) go the "Order Fulfillment Configuration" section of your store and un-check the box next to the "Email Merchant Notification" module in the list  (note that this will result in the loss of any changes you made to the modules configuration, so you may want to make copies of the data first so that you can copy it back in after it's been re-installed).  This will uninstall the module from the store.

2)  Click on the "Modules"  link in the left navigation bar of Merchant admin, and in the right frame click "Next" until you see the listing for the "Email Merchant Notification" module (or you can search for it).  Click on the "edit" button for that module then click on the "delete" button.  You will then be prompted to verify the deletion and you will be given an option to delete the module file. You do not want to delete the file so un-check that box, then click on "delete".  This will uninstall the module from the mall.

3) After deleting the module file you should be taken to the "Add module" page (you can also get to it by clicking on the "Add" link next to "Modules" in the left navigation frame).  Into the field enter the path to the module file.  For the "Email Merchant Notification" module this would be:


for the "Customer Order Confirmation Email"  module the path would be:


then click on the "Add".  This will complete the process of adding the module back into the mall.

4) Return to your store's "Order Fulfillmnte Configuration" screen and you'll find the "Email Merchant Notification" module listed at the bottom.  Check the box next to it's name and click on "update".  This will install the module back into the store.  Re-configure it if you require changes to the default settings.   

The key should now appear in the emails to the Merchant (and if you do the same process for the "Customer Order Confirmation Email" module it will appear in the customer notification emails).

Last update: 2008-08-13 14:50
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.0

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