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Issues with restricting order quantity by Merchant's inventory feature

We are using Merchant's inventory feature to track our product inventories. However, we are able to add more quantity to the basket than should be in stock. Why?
There was a bug in the module which was fixed in version 5.037 that was causing this. Updating to that version (or later) will fix the problem. However, although the module won't let you add more quantity than is available you'll likely want to modify your templates to display a message to that effect.

Using the code:


the module will display the appropriate "Limited Stock Message". If a specific message is configured for the product it will use that one, otherwise it will use the default one. In the current versions the default template (the one set up when the module is first installed) displays th message with the code:

<font color="red">%var|g.InventoryMessage|%</font>

Last update: 2009-01-23 17:48
Author: Michael Brock
Revision: 1.1

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