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Is it possible to display the fields added by Merchant's Customer Custom Fields module on the Phone Order Manager page and to edit the data?

It is indeed possible (make sure, as usual, that you have the latest version installed).   Tokens can be used in the module's "Main page template" field to display text fields to display the data and to permit it to be modified.

The token:


where "code"  is the field's code (as you configured when creating the field).  This token will create a text field at the default 40 characters long with the customer's data for that field in it.  The field can be set to a custom length with the token:


where xxx is the length. 

For example, to to create fields to view and modify two custom fields, "eye color" (which has code "eye') and "hair color"(whiich has code "hair")  you could add to the "Main page template" field in the module's admin:

Eye Color:  %customer_field:eye%

Hair Color: %customer_field:hair%

To give these fields a length of 100 characters:

Eye Color: %customer_field:eye|100|%

Hair Color: %customer_field:hair|100|%

Note that changes to these fields will only be saved if the "Update customer info with this data?" checkbox is checked.  Also, if  add data to these fields and create a new customer with the "Create account" checkbox, the custom data will be saved with new customer. 


Last update: 2008-02-05 18:07
Author: Thor
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