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I use the %stocklevel% token to display the inventory count of products listed in the "Search products" window but they are not matching the inventory count in Merchant admin. Why?

Merchant's inventory feature provides a number of variables for each product portraying it's inventory status. The module currently uses the variable INV_AVAILABLE for the token %stocklevel%. However, technically, this value represents the "number that can be purchased" not the number currently in stock. If your store permits backorders then the number that the count is permitted to drop below 0 is added to the actual number in stock. So if the number in stock is 15 and your store permits backorders to -10, the %stocklevel% token will display 25, the number that can be purchased (since this would take the inventory count down to -10, the cutoff for "backordered").

I have added a new token %stockcount% which displays the actual count in stock, not the number "available to be purchased" (which is still represented by %stocklevel%).

Last update: 2008-01-08 20:35
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.0

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