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The page loads sometimes take a little while. Is it possible to display a "loading" graphic to remind the user that the page is loading?

Yes, the latest versions have this capability (and are enabled by default). However, upgrading to the latest version won't by itself enable the feature as it requires a modification to the module's page templates. Here's how to go about enabling it:

In the Merchant 5.x page template named "Phone Order Manager - Main" (which displays the module's main page),right below the code:


add the code:

 <div id="loading" style="display:none; position:fixed; left:45%; text-align:center; top:40%;"><img src="https://www.vikingcoders.com/graphics/loading.gif" border=0></div>


Save the page and that's it. This div will be displayed when the form on the page is submitted. It uses a graphic from our secure server but it can of course be modfied to use your own graphic or to simply show a text message.

Last update: 2008-02-08 15:49
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.2

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