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I am using your VC Attribute Templates (BROK_VC_ATTRIBUTES) module for Miva Merchant 5, but don't see a list of useable tokens. Is there a list available?

This module implements the same functionality of our attribute templates in our 4.x modules. Here are the primary tokens.

%rows% - Used in the main template only. Signifies where the attribute rows will appear.
%attribute|xx|% - Used in the row template only. Signifies where the individual attribute layouts will appear (called from the attribute type templates).

Tokens usable in the individual Attribute type templates:
%prompt% - The attribute prompt (text seen by the shopper).
%options% - Used only for Radio attributes; signifies where the attribute options will display.
%fields% - Displays the attribute fields (also, options).
%attrprice% - Price.
%attrcost% - Cost.
%attrimage% - Image.

The dollar amount tokens can have identifiers added to aid formatting, U and F:


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