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When I attempt to add one of your module's to the Merchant 5.5 launchpad (by modifying one of the existing links) I get all kinds of errors. Why? How do I add your modules to the launchpad?

I'm pretty sure this is actually being caused by a bug in Merchant 5.5.    The launchpad is not specific to any one particular store, so links that it generates itself do not contain the necessary Store code.  Without the Store_Code variable, Merchant can't set the location of the module's databases which is why you see all of those errors.   The work around is to use the "Other (Internal): Main Window:"  option and enter the link manually.

The link will be of the form (it's a relative link):


So for Order Status Manager, which has a "Module_Type" of fulfill, and the code of BROK_ORDERSTATUS5, the link to use would look like:

Screen=SMOD&Store_Code=code&Module_Type=fulfill&Tab=BROK_ORDERSTATUS5  (where "code" would be your store code).

For UPS Custom Integration:

Screen=SMOD&Store_Code=code&Module_Type=shipping&Tab=BROK_UPS_CUSTOM   (where "code" would be your store code).

You can find the "Module_Type" to use by looking at the link to the screen where that module has it's admin in the left navigation frame.  For example, if you look at the link for the Order Fulfillment Configuration screen you'll see in it:


The main types:

Order Fulfillment:  fulfill
System Configuration:  system
Payment: payment
Shipping:  shipping
Logging:  log
Utility:  util

You can get the module's code either from it's screen under >Modules.  For our modules, the module code is also used for it's tab in admin, so you can look at the link for it's tab to see the module code.

Last update: 2008-05-09 13:40
Author: Thor
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