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I have the UPS Custom Integration configured so that customers select on the OINF screen (customer information) whether or not their address is residential and commercial. If they select "commercial" they see the correct shipping in the shipping selection list but on the page after that (OPAY- Payment Information) they see the residential charge. Why?

This is being caused by the Shipping Supermod module.  If you make that module inactive (by going to it's page under >Modules and unchecking the "active" box) the UPS shipping rates will again be correctly displayed.

The problem lies in the way the Shipping Supermod does what it does.  Instead of letting each individual shipping module calculate shipping, the Shipping Supermod intercepts the process. The first time it displays the shipping to the commercial customer the rates are correct (the Shipping Supermod correctly contacts the UPS Custom Integration to have it calculate shipping at that point and the "residential" option is correctly handled.   However, after the customer selects a shipping method and proceeds to the payment information page the Shipping Supermod "breaks".  It deviates from the way Merchant normally handles the saving of the shipping method.  Instead of passing this responsibility on to the UPS Custom Integration as it should, it instead calculates the shipping rates all over again, but this time since it's being done at the wrong place, the "residential" option is lost and the address is treated as commercial.

To work around this add e item:

<mvt:item name="brokups_carry" param="" /&gtl;

to your OSEL page (Shipping/Payment selection screen) and make sure that you have the item "brokups_carry" assigned to that page.  This token adds a hidden form field to hold the "residential" selection that the customer made on the previous screen so that when the Shipping Supermod recalculates shipping it will be available to it.  And you'll need to make sure using the latest version of the UPS Custom Integration module file (always a good idea).

Last update: 2008-07-11 10:21
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.0

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