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I would like to ship my packages "grouped" by zip code. I.e. I have 10 products that are all sent from the same vendor and I would like to configure the module to ship these 10 products together when calculating shipping. Is this possible?

There are now options on the category and product level "UPS Custom Integration" tabs. For the categories you can now select between:

Ship in Separate Package
Pack Products together
Pack These Products With Category:

The first option operates as before the modification (i.e. the module will calculate shipping as though that product, or multiples if it, is packaged seprately).

The second option will cause all products in this category to be packaged together for the purposes of determining shipping. This does NOT apply to sub-categories of this category. When calculating shipping for those products "packaged togehter", the shipping configuration options on this tab will be used.

The last option displays a list of other categories that have been configured with the "Pack Products Together" option and you can select to have the products in this category packed together with products in that other category.

On the product level, there are three options:

Pack with other products not assigned to a packing group/category
Pack With:
Ship in Separate Package?

The first option, the default, is the same as previously NOT selecting "Ship in separate package" (i.e. it just means that the product will be packaged with other products not assigned to a shipping group so that the configuration on the module's main admin page).

The "Ship in separate package" option works as it did before.

The second option "Pack With:" displays a list of categories that have been configure to have it's products "packed together" so you can select a category/packing group to designate what products this particular product is to be packaged with.

An easy way to create "packing groups" would be to create a new category in your store for the sole purpose of defining a particular shipping "group". The category does not need to be active. You can then assign other categories and products to that shipping "group".

Note that on the Product level configuration screen, the "Permit Category settings to override" option will cause the product to be shipped using the category level configuration. If you want to assign a separate option to a product (i.e. if you want to use the "pack with other products...", "pack with...", or "Ship in separate package options" on the product level configuration page) then you should NOT check the "Permit Category Settings to override?" potion>

Last update: 2007-05-08 11:20
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