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My customers in Canada are not getting FedEx shipping methods offered to them during checkout.

FedEx requires "State/Province" code of the destination address when shipping to the US and Canada. However, most stores do not have the Canadian provinces entered into their state list. So when a customer enters a Canadian address they have to use the "Other State/Province" field to provide their province. If they do not enter it as the province code expected by FedEx, no shipping methods will be returned (for example, FedEx expects ON to be entered as the province code for Ontario, but if the customer instead spells it out as Ontario, FedEx will not be able to return shipping rates).

It isn't practical for the FedEx Advanced module to recognize all of the possible variations a customer might enter into the Other State/Province field. The best workaround for this is to enter the Canadian provinces into your store's "State" list. You can see a list of the Province codes expected by FedEx here:

FedEx Province Codes

Last update: 2007-04-23 14:56
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