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Orders are not being recorded in MIVA Merchant

Orders paid with PayPal are not being recorded in Miva Merchant. The funds are being collected by PayPal but there is no record of the order.

There are several possible causes for the is.

1. The most common is that the pp_return.mv and pp_notify.mv files are notin teh correct location. In a Merchant version 4.xx store, both of these files need to be located in the /Merchant2/4.xx/ directory (where 4.xx is your particular version of Merchant). In a Merchant 2.x or 3.x store, both files need to be located in the /Merchant2/ directory.

2. Second most common, is that the permissions and/or ownership of the pp_return.mvc and pp_notify.mvc files are not sufficient. Make sure that both files have the same permissions and ownership as the executable /Merchant2/merchant mv(c) file.

3. Another possiblity is that you have an atypical path to the merchant.mv file or you are using a "stub" file to redirect to the merchatn.mv file (eg. http://yourstore.com/store.mv). In order to send a link to Paypal that is used to return the customer to Merchant, the module constructs a path to itself using the domain setting for the "URL to Miva Merchant" (or the secure URL if there is one). If that path is atypical (such as http://www.yourstore.com/store.mv) then the module can't figure out where the module file is (since the store.mv is simply a stub file which points to the actual location of the merchant.mv file). In the past I have attempted to modify the module to account for this but it has proven impractical. However, there is a fix. You can place stub files for pp_return.mv and pp_notify.mv into the location that the module thinks they should be located. For example, if you are using a stub file store.mv (located at http://yourstore.com/store.mv) which simply redirects the customer to /Merchant2/4.12/merchant.mv and you have the "URL to Miva Merchant" set to http://yourstore.com/store.mv, then the Paypal module will expect to find the pp_return.mv and pp_notify.mv files at the location http://yourstore.com/4.12/. Placing the stub files:


<MvDO FILE="../Merchant2/4.12/pp_return.mv">


<MvDO FILE="../Merchant2/4.12/pp_notify.mv">

into the location http://yourstore.com/4.12/ should properly redirect the customer.

Last update: 2005-11-01 16:36
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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