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Is it possible to have the "free shipping" for individual products show up as a coupon offsetting the shipping cost instead of as a $0.00 shipping method?

It is indeed.

There are several new fields (added in version 4.56) in the "Free shipping" section of the module's main admin page that permit the user to configure whether or not "Free shipping" should be handled as a coupon, the name of the coupon to use, and whether or not to add the coupon as a "Coupon" or as a second shipping charge with an offsetting amount (this last option decides how the charge is handled by other modules and how it is displayed with the order in admin).

The "name" field can contain the token %name% which will be replaced by the method name which was discounted.

In the situation where the customer purchases both products with free shipping and products without that the coupon will apply only towards the products that got free shipping, so it might not entirely match the total shipping amount.

Note that this "free shipping as coupon" option will not work for products that have the "free shipping" flag set for them in the top section of the product's configuration screen for the module. Products flagged to have "free shipping" in that manner are treated as having 0 weight.

Last update: 2008-01-03 12:50
Author: Thor
Revision: 1.0

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