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Information required for installing UPS Custom Integration

To do the integration into your site, we'll need your UPS user id and password (that you use to log in to your UPS account at UPS.com) and  a UPS Access key (all three have to be communicated to UPS with every request for rates).
To obtain the access key  visit this page at UPS.com:


and follow the steps in the "How to Get Started" section all of the way through until you have obtained the access key.

In addition, we'll need admin access to the store to install the module and ftp access to the server to upload some image files. We'll also need to know the specific store into which the module is going to be integrated.

So, to sum all of that up, to do the integration we need:

URL to Merchant admin
Merchant admin user name/password:
URL to ftp:
Ftp user name/password:

UPS User name:
UPS Password:
UPS access key:

Post all of these into a ticket in our Help Desk in the UPS Custom Integration Installation department. (Information posted at the Help Desk is secure).

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