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I am using the List Manager and Inventory Manager together. However, the List Manager is showing items in the list that are out of stock in the Inventory Manager

The fix for this is to add conditional tokens to the "Products Template" field of the various page templates. Use the conditional tokens:

Out of

(which will show the %quantitybox% token if the wish list item is in stock and display Out of Stock if the item is out of stock)





(which will show the "add to basket" checkbox if the list item is in stock).

If you prefer, there are also a "NOT for sale" version of this token:


**out of stock code


**in stock code


These conditionals will correctly take into account any attributes which the wish list item might have. Note that the Inventory Manager token %module|BROK_INVENTORY|permit_sale|% will not correctly take into account any attributes that the list item might have.

Last update: 2007-04-19 16:45
Author: Brok
Revision: 1.0

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