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I'm using the Affiliate Manager (http://vikingcoders.com/go.mv?ID=BROK_PAGETEMPLATES) and I would like to display the "Login Header", "Login Footer", "Account Header", and "Account Footer" on the customer login and account pages for affiliates signing up to be affiliates. How do I do this?

(2004/11/02)This can be accomplished by adding tokens to the Other Page Templates template. Register the Affiliate Manager on the Other Page Template module's "third party tokens" tab (for simplicity, use "BROK_AFFILIATES" for both the "module code" and "token" fields). You can then use the tokens:

%module|BROK_AFFILIATES|ACNT_hdr|% (account header)
%module|BROK_AFFILIATES|ACNT_ftr|% (account footer)
%module|BROK_AFFILIATES|LOGN_hdr|% (login header)
%module|BROK_AFFILIATES|LOGN_ftr|% (login footer)

They will be displayed only if the customer is on those pages (i.e. the ACNT and LOGN screens) while in the process of signing up to become an affiliate.

Last update: 2004-12-10 09:49
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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