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I'm designing checkout with OPT, and am wondering if there's any way to get the %prompt_foo% tokens to render different text? I don't want to simply replace them with HTML as I'd still like the form validation to work correctly (unfilled required fields appearing in red).

(2004/04/23)Are you asking if it's possible for those fields to display some label other than the standard field label? They can't. To change the text you would need to replace the token with the html. However, you can still get the form validation by adding the conditionals in as well. Each field has a variable indicating if it is "invalid" which is based on the field name. It is simply the field name with '_invalid' appended to it. For example, the name for the "shipping last name" is 'ShipLastName' and the variable which will have a value of 1 if it is invalid is 'g.ShipLastName_invalid'.

So, for example, if you wanted to take out the %prompt_shipfax% field and replace it with "Address Line 2" you would remove the %prompt_shipfax% token and replace it with:

<font color="red">
Address Line 2:
Address Line 2:

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