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I would like to have quantity boxes for my attributes so customers can select a quantitiy for each one rather than having to add the same product several times. For example, I sell fishing flies in different sizes and I would like my customers to be able to go to a product page and enter the quantity that they want for each size. Can I do this?

(2003/08/08) I added the capability to do this. You can now use the token %attrqtybox|xxx|% (where xxx is the starting quantity to display in the field) to display an attribute quantity field. The token is used in the individual attribute templates on the "Attributes" tab. For example, to display a quantity field for "select" type attributes you could put the following in to the "Select attr. template" field:

%attrqtybox|000|% %prompt%


The checkbox attribute is something of a special case since the checkbox either selects it or doesn't and a quantity field is somewhat redundant. So I added a token, %fields_hidden% that can be used in the "Checkbox attr. template" field to hide the checkbox. So to display the label/prompt for a checkbox attribute and a quantity field without the checkbox itself you could use something like:



NOTE that you can't use the %prodqtybox token for the product at the same time that you use the %attrqtybox token in the individual attributes. It's redundant anyway. If you do use it, the quantity field displayed by the %prdoqtybox token will not have any function.

NOTE ALSO that the "Attribute Quantities" feature is not compatible with the ability to have a single "Add all to basket" button on the category page (which will add all of the products displayed to the basket). Each individual product has to have it's own %beginform% and %endform% in the product template and it's own "add to basket" button.

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