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I would like to use the "attribute quantity" feature that you recently added to the module to let my customers select quantities for each attribute. However, instead of text fields, I would like to use drop down lists so that they can select the quantities. Can this be done?

(2003/08/30)I modified the module so that you can do this. Here's how to go about it:

To the "Attributes main template" area of the template that you want to use, add (anywhere in the template works but put it at the top so you'll see it there):

and in the attribute template that you want to display the quantity select list add:

and the html for the drop down select list (using whatever options that you want:

make sure that the name for the select field is AttributeQuantity[%var|g.Total_Attributes|%]

As an example, in my store, I wanted a quantity selection list for quantities 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8. I modified the "Checkbox attr. template" so that it displayed the drop down select field next to the prompt and I wanted to hide the checkbox itself (using the %fields_hidden% token as described below). So in the "Checkbox attr. template" area I have:



Keep in mind that this will cause all checkbox attributes of products that are assigned to this template to display in the same manner. Note also that the "Attribute Quantities" feature is not compatible with the ability to have a single "Add all to basket" button on the category page (which will add all of the products displayed to the basket). Each individual product has to have it's own %beginform% and %endform% in the product template and it's own "add to basket" button.

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