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I have the category template as my products and there are 2 products which should be purchased together.Whenever a customer adds one of the products I want the system to get back to the category page and show only the attributes and the quantity box for the products that is not added, I want to show them they have one product added and give them the option to add the other product.

(2003/11/06) There is a set of conditional tokens:


which will display it's contents only if the the product is NOT currently in the basket.

So, you could use this token around the portions of the template that you want to suppress. If you want to suppress the entire product, then put the %begin_notinbasket% at the beginning of the "product template" and %end_notinbasket% at the end.

You could use the corresponding tokens:

%begin_inbasket%...%end_inbasket% (which displays it's contents only if the product IS in the basket) to display a messaged to the customer to please purchase the other product.

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