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When I use the code: %begin_if|len(OUI_Products2.d.shortdesc)|% %var|OUI_Products2.d.shortdesc|% %end_if% it sometimes shows the short description for some other product.

(2004/05/23)It may be showing some other product's description if the particular product does not have a record in the OUI_Products2 database. Try this instead:


The variable will have a value only if a record exists for that product in the OUI_Products2 database.

For other OUI_Products2 fields:

g.Product2_OUI_img_h = OUI_Products2.d.img_h
g.Product2_OUI_img_w = OUI_Products2.d.img_w
g.Product2_OUI_thn_h = OUI_Products2.d.thn_h
g.Product2_OUI_thn_w = OUI_Products2.d.thn_w
g.Product2_OUI_image2 = OUI_Products2.d.image2
g.Product2_OUI_img2_h = OUI_Products2.d.img2_h
g.Product2_OUI_img2_w = OUI_Products2.d.img2_w
g.Product2_OUI_image3 = OUI_Products2.d.image3
g.Product2_OUI_img3_h = OUI_Products2.d.img3_w
g.Product2_OUI_img3_w = OUI_Products2.d.img3_h
g.Product2_OUI_image4 = OUI_Products2.d.image4
g.Product2_OUI_img4_h = OUI_Products2.d.img4_h
g.Product2_OUI_img4_w = OUI_Products2.d.img4_w
g.Product2_OUI_htmltitle = OUI_Products2.d.htmltitle
g.Product2_OUI_linktitle = OUI_Products2.d.linktitle
g.Product2_OUI_shortdesc = OUI_Products2.d.shortdesc
g.Product2_OUI_globhead = OUI_Products2.d.globhead
g.Product2_OUI_globfoot = OUI_Products2.d.globfoot

Last update: 2004-12-08 13:02
Author: Support
Revision: 1.0

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