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I'm attempting to do this: %begin_if2|len('%prodtoken^|002|%')|% stuff to show if it's there %end_if% But it generates an error. What might the problem be?

(2004/07/22)The problem is almost certainly being caused by "special" characters (such as /,', ", etc.) in the contents of the %prodtoken^. Since the prodtoken token is replaced first, it's contents are throwing off the processing of the %begin_if token.

There are a several solutions:

1. Add an additional "token" field to the description which simply contains a 1 if the other token is displayed. So if you add a 3rd token which can be either 1 or 0 and indicates whether or not the 2nd token has contents you would have:


2. You could format the contents of the %prodtoken. This will work with most charaters but not all:


Last update: 2004-12-08 12:33
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