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How do I configure Soft Goods on ValueWeb?s AHP Platform?

How do I configure the SoftGoods Module for Miva to work on ValueWeb?s AHP Platform?

You will need to make the following changes in the SoftGoods? module settings within Miva Merchant Administration area.

Set the Path to Miva data directory: /nfs/cust/$path/web/htsdata/
Set the Path to downloads: downloads/
Set the URL to PHP script: http://www.$domain/Merchant2/download.php?

Within download.php script, located in the /Merchant2 directory you will need to do the following:


$module_path = "http://$domain/Merchant2/4.23/modules/fulfill/DEN_SOFTGOODS.mvc?"; // URL to module


$module_path = "http://miva.vw.$domain.miva.affinity.com/Merchant2/4.23/modules/fulfill/DEN_SOFTGOODS.mvc?"; // URL to module

In all instances in this example, you will need to replace $domain with your domain name, and /nfs/cust/$path with your full path. The full path can be obtained by logging into the ValueWeb control panel and going into Account Tools then selecting the Perl Syntax Checker from the Advanced Tools sub-menu. You can also obtain this information by running a phpinfo script from your web site.

[Many thanks to Valueweb for providing this info!]

Last update: 2006-03-09 05:44
Author: Support
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